lundi 19 mai 2008

First Android Developper Challenge over [EN]

About two weeks ago, the first ADC is over, and winners are published.
This post will comment few winner applications, positive and negative points on them.
Firstly, I saw in a recent RSS feed that ADC judges are mainly from the Handset Alliance. I think this is quite unfair for some kind of application. Judges are from constructors like HTC, NVidia, Samsung, Telefonica, Motorola, T-mobile *, ASUS, etc... and for a lot of them, they are mobile contructors. By this way, many applications are designed to be winners because of the marketing concept that constructors like to use for selling a mobile. For example, many winners are social networks. I understand that this kind of application will be very used by majority of people (if they have enough money to stay connected to the Internet everytime they use their mobile...), but other applications, that could be really usefull but that are not a very good subject for marketing could be disadvantaged.
A second point that I want to highlight is that in a lot of these winner applications, the user interface is made for a very high resolution. Think that first mobiles using Android won't have such a resolution. In this case, the winner application won't work correctly on many of these phones...
Yet, I was impressed by some of these applications. For example a biometric application called BioWallet that scan eyes for iris based authentication (yes, you will need a very good camera on your mobile now...), or the ability to scan 1D and 2D barcodes.
The past month, I tried the Android SDK, and I enjoyed the easy way to make efficient user interfaces.
The next post I will put on this blog will be about first steps in Android SDK.

The following links talks about the 50 winners of the ADC. See them and imagine what Android will be in few months:

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