lundi 7 avril 2008

Android overview [EN]

Today, I wish to share my passion for Android, the user interface of my future mobile phone. Android is like an operating system on a mobile phone, but it is an open source, easy to program, and maintained by the giant Google.
Android is only at the stage of its development, it is thus still difficult to know what will be the final result, but it promises a lot, because built by the best Java developers from all over the world, and leads to creativity by a challenge of $10'000'000...
It runs on Java under an embeded and enhanced JVM, itself running over a linux kernel. Since few months, the SDK is available, with an emulator; many developers communities were formed; the challenge increased creativity and numbers of program tries. Soon, a first giant step will be made by google in the mobile phone world.
I can only advise you to go to throw a glance, as well on the Google workshops as on Youtube to see some basic demonstrations, as “how to create an application like a contact list in about 5 minutes and 15 code lines".

Next Android steps:
  • 14th April 2008: Challenge deadline, end of the first step,
  • 28th/29th May 2008: Google I/O, for much more details about Android

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